Important information about your SPTRFA 1099-R for the tax year 2020

If you are a St. Paul Teachers’ Retirement Fund Association (SPTRFA) monthly benefit recipient, the following is important information about your SPTRFA 1099-R for the tax year 2020:

Your SPTRFA 1099-R was recently mailed to you.  The 1099-R form that you received may have boxes 12 through 19 numbered differently than what you might see on tax preparation software due to a change in the IRS 1099-R template. The differences are explained below.  Please note that this is a formatting difference only – all data on your form is correct.  There is no need for a corrected SPTRFA 1099-R.

The box changes as described below are relevant if you are filing a Minnesota tax return: 

Box 14 – State Tax – this will appear as box 12 on your SPTRFA 1099-R    

Box 15 – State/Payer’s state no. – this will appear as box 13 on your SPTRFA 1099-R

Box 16 – State Distribution – this will appear as box 14 on your SPTRFA 1099-R

All dollar amounts are accurate and can be used to file your tax return.
Click here to view an example 2020 tax year 1099-R form.

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