The resources in the member section of this website provide important information about your membership including retirement eligibility requirements. If you have specific questions about your membership or account, please contact by phone 651-642-2550.

Who is an Active Member? 

If you are working and contributing toward your retirement, you are an active SPTRFA member. Whether you are just starting your career or have years of experience, it is always a good idea to understand the basics about your membership in the SPTRFA.

All active SPPS teachers will be sent periodic outreach emails from SPTRFA. If you have questions about the program, the email communications or any other general concerns please email info at

Saint Paul Public Schools sponsoring a series of monthly meetings regarding District retirement insurance information. During these meetings, District personnel policies and retiree insurance benefits will be discussed. It will also include details on the District’s severance program. All meetings will be held at District Headquarters (360 Colborne Street) An RSVP is required as space is limited. Reserve your attendance to one of the meetings by emailing, Megan Jones Arko.

Who is an Inactive Member?

Inactive members are SPTRFA members who are either no longer employed by a SPTRFA covered employer but have left their employee contributions in the system, or members who have left service and elected to defer their retirement.  Although you are no longer actively contributing, it is important that you keep your contact and beneficiary information up to date with us.

To be considered an inactive member:

  • You have resigned from teaching in a St. Paul public school or St. Paul College.
  • You have left your employee contributions in the system.
  • You are in deferred status waiting to start drawing your benefits (earliest age at 55 years.)

Please note that depending on your age and length of retirement service credit in Minnesota, you retain certain public pension plan rights, including eligibility for either a refund of your employee contributions or a lifetime monthly retirement benefit.

Leaving service in St. Paul? Read about your options below.

What you do or don’t do after you leave service in St. Paul may affect your ultimate benefits from the SPTRFA.


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