Refund Information

As a member, you can receive a refund of your contributions. In order to take a refund of your contributions you must first be resigned with SPPS. The refunded contributions consist of those dollars that you as an individual made to SPTRFA, plus interest (where applicable).  The refund of contributions does not include any dollars that Saint Paul Public School made on your behalf.

Taking a refund of your employee contributions, means that you forfeit all rights to any future SPTRFA retirement benefits based on that service.

If you have service with another Minnesota public pension plan, you may be entitled to a lifetime benefit upon reaching retirement age.

The process for obtaining a refund of contributions is as follows:

    1. Resign from Saint Paul Public Schools
    2. Complete the application for Refund of Contributions Form.
    3. Have your signature notarized
    4. Spouse must sign form (or if divorced, include a complete court signed copy of decree)

A waiting period of thirty days is required from your final payroll from SPPS.

Refunds are paid on the first business day of the month after all refund requirements are met.