Omnibus Pension Bill heads to the Conference Committee

The State Senate late Friday night, May 10, gave its approval to the Omnibus Pension Bill which now heads to a Conference Committee to resolve minor differences between the Senate and House versions. The Conference Committee has yet to schedule a meeting but action is expected in the next day or so. This week, the current Session is due to conclude. Therefore, insuring the Bill reaches the Governor’s desk in the next few days will be critical and is expected. Governor Dayton is a supporter of the proposal.

There was word, unconfirmed at this point, from the Senate President’s office that the funding difference between the House and Senate version has been resolved. The House allowed for the State’s additional supplemental payment of $7 million to SPTRFA to begin this fall (October, 2103). The Senate Finance Committee amended its bill to commence payments in the next fiscal year, July 2014. If the rumor is correct, the Senate side has located the sufficient funding to cover starting the payments later this year in accordance with the House language.

Senate conferees are headed by Senate President Sandy Pappas and Senator Roger Reinhert (DFL-Duluth). House conferees are expected to include Representatives Mary Murphy and Mike Nelson.